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Letting Go

The other day, I joined some friends who were teaching a decompression class for a morning dive. We were doing the Captain Dan, a dive that I have done many times before, and I planned on shooting video of the students for training purposes.

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A New Home for SUDS

The ocean is magical. I know that I feel something special with each interaction…I feel blessed. Then there is the connection with nature, the thrill of exploring, the linking of past and present on shipwrecks, the feeling of weightlessness, and disconnecting from the stresses of the world that brings me back time and time again.

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I’m a tweeter. You’re a tweeter. So, let’s get together

"What's this Twitter thing all about?" As a marketing consultant, I frequently get the question “What’s this Twitter thing all about?” To be honest, it wasn't too long ago that I had the same question, and I know I’m not the only marketing professional to feel the same way...

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The Accidental Tech Diver

I've had a passion for diving for over 10 years, Diving in kelp with her Aqua Lung friends but I restricted my diving, like most, to recreational dives. Pretty reefs and fish, kelp forests, and searching for shells in the sand. That was enough for me.

Then Howard, my now-husband, came along. He was this tech diver working with Shadow Diver, John Chatterton, on a project in the Domincan Republic.

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