• Crystal River 2021

    Crystal River 2021

    After 6 years of their old website, Crystal River Watersports decided it was time for an upgrade. This modern theme...

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  • Double Action Dive Charters

    Double Action Dive Charters

    A custom site for a Lake Michigan Dive Charter...

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  • Ron Lummus Racing

    Ron Lummus Racing

    Ron Lummus Racing, makes high performance VW parts and equipment for professional drag racing and Volkswagen enthusiasts. We created this...

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  • Farm Training Center

    Farm Training Center

    WordPress with WooCommerce website. ...

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  • Atomic Aquatics

    Atomic Aquatics

    The new Atomic Aquatics website features a modern design, woocommerce integration, connection to a third party CRM for inventory management...

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  • Stahlsac


    The Stahlsac website includes full WooCommerce integration, and a fresh new look for 2019...

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  • Dragonfire Tools

    Dragonfire Tools

    Dragonfire Tools makes probably the coolest workbenches on the planet...

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  • Ocean Technology Systems

    Ocean Technology Systems

    The OTS website contains a lot of things under the hood, including custom WooCommerce pricing for retailers, distributors, and techs. ...

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  • Scotts Appliance Service

    Scotts Appliance Service

    Appliance Repairs and Services in Daphne, Alabama...

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  • IT-Reuss


    IT-Reuss is an IT Support company in Dortmund Germany.  He wanted a sleek and ultra-modern design for his company....

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  • PADI Blog

    PADI Blog

    PADI wanted their Blog site to match their newly updated primary website. Since their primary website isn't a WordPress site,...

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  • Hollis Rebreathers

    Hollis Rebreathers

    Hollis Rebreathers wanted to develop a website for their small product line, that looked similar to hollis.com, but with WordPress...

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  • Oceanic Originals Campaign

    Oceanic Originals Campaign

    Oceanic Originals is a one page HTML / PHP custom application for a short term marketing promotion for Oceanic....

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  • Genealogy to Go

    Genealogy to Go

    Genealogy To Go is a clean and easy to manage WooCommerce enabled site....

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  • South Pacific Island Travel

    South Pacific Island Travel

    South Pacific Island Travel, a website for a travel agency. ...

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  • Red Box Moving

    Red Box Moving

    Red Box Moving is a clean website for a South Florida moving company. ...

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  • Dive News Wire

    Dive News Wire

    Dive News Wire is a modern "News" styled website...

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  • Amphibious Zoo Muisc

    Amphibious Zoo Muisc

    Amphibious Zoo Music is known as a world leader in sound quality and creativity...

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  • Joanne’s Beauty Box

    Joanne’s Beauty Box

    A simple and clean woocommerce integration.  The theme design is with our framework which is based in bootstrap 4....

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  • Pompano Beach Water Taxi

    Pompano Beach Water Taxi

    Pompano Beach Water Taxi has a simple clean design.  This site was built with a mobile first in mind....

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  • Dolphin Snorkel Tours

    Dolphin Snorkel Tours

    A website for Dolphin and Sea Life encounter scuba and snorkeling tours in Oahu...

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  • Your Lawn Ninja

    Your Lawn Ninja

    A very simple services website where we also created the branding and logo....

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  • Huish Outdoors Databank

    Huish Outdoors Databank

    While we can't show you the full functionality of this site, since it's restricted to dealer login.  This site is...

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  • Wallins San Mateo

    Wallins San Mateo

    Features on this custom site include a randomized header image from admin section, parallax images, and custom FAQ's with sortable...

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  • Patriots for Disabled Divers

    Patriots for Disabled Divers

    Patriots for Disabled Divers is a non-profit organization that helps disabled combat veterans rehabilitate through Scuba....

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  • Serenity Yacht Cruises

    Serenity Yacht Cruises

    Serenity Yacht Cruises, website features a new logo created by Duck Diver Marketing. The website includes a slick pop-out menu ...

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  • Woods Hole Productions

    Woods Hole Productions

    A simple one page website with smooth scrolling links and parallax images on homepage....

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  • Huish Outdoors

    Huish Outdoors

    Huish Outdoors was created to present the company's presence to the world, and show off the brands that they both...

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  • East TX Diver

    East TX Diver

    Chris Sidnell - A Scuba Instructor website for a scuba instructor in East Texas....

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  • Rebreather Zone

    Rebreather Zone

    The Rebreather Zone is a website for a rebreather instruction facility in Dortmund Germany. This site uses WPML (Wordpress...

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  • CCR Explorers

    CCR Explorers

    CCR Explorers.com is a popular forum for CCR (Rebreather) divers. ...

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  • TEKDiveUSA 2018

    TEKDiveUSA 2018

    The premier Technical Diving Conference in the Americas, TEKDiveUSA...

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  • Explorer Ventures

    Explorer Ventures

    Explorer Ventures Liveaboard fleet's website is really 5 websites in one....

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  • Zeagle Custom BCD Builder

    Zeagle Custom BCD Builder

    A custom coded "Build a BCD" website written using HTML5, PHP, and jQuery....

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  • Cayman Eco Divers

    Cayman Eco Divers

    Cayman Eco Divers, located on Grand Cayman, needed to upgrade their Wix website to a custom wordpress site that had...

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  • SubGravity CCRs

    SubGravity CCRs

    SubGravity sells technical diving equipment, including 2 rebreathers. This site features their rebreather line, and includes a custom built...

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  • Chesapeake Bay Diving

    Chesapeake Bay Diving

    Chesapeake Bay Diving, with two locations in Virginia needed a fresh clean site to reflect their newest store opening. ...

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  • Trap’t Escape Room Adventures

    Trap’t Escape Room Adventures

    Trap't Escape Room Adventures is Stamford's first and only Escape Room. This is a very customized website....

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  • Scuba Works 2016

    Scuba Works 2016

    Scuba Works decided to update their look by doing a re-theme and re-design of their site to have a little...

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  • Body Well By Danielle

    Body Well By Danielle

    Danielle is a personal fitness trainer in NYC, who was in need of a clean and easy to navigate website...

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  • Missconduct Charters

    Missconduct Charters

    A simple website redo for Capt Conrad was in order.  This look and feel is similar to his old website,...

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  • Zookeeper


    This is a fairly simple and clean website with a video slider, WooCommerce integration, and just a little customization....

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  • Dive Rite

    Dive Rite

    For this project, we worked with their graphic designer to come up with the final design.  This site uses WooCommerce...

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    The NSS-CDS wanted to migrate their aging Drupal installation into wordpress. Additionally, they had a forum which needed some styling...

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  • Howard Ehrenberg

    Howard Ehrenberg

    This personal website for one of the Duck Diver partners is a clean one-page feel website with special features....

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  • ScubaBoard


    ScubaBoard needed a WordPress site and a Xenforo site with the same theme. We took care of both....

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  • Sharkskin Sports

    Sharkskin Sports

    Huish Outdoors wanted to create a website for Sharkskin which they distribute in North America....

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  • Mystery of the Last Olympian

    Mystery of the Last Olympian

    Was Britannic, the tragic sister ship of Titanic, always doomed? Richie Kohler's book tackles this question. ...

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  • Islamorada Dive Center

    Islamorada Dive Center

    Islamorada Dive Center, located ironically in Islamorada, Florida. They wanted a more modern website, with a custom dive site...

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  • Honolulu Scuba Company

    Honolulu Scuba Company

    Honolulu Scuba Company needed a new website that was SEO optimized and designed with Mobile Browsing in mind....

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  • Crystal River Watersports

    Crystal River Watersports

    We created a clean look for CRWS and their principal website. They offer Manatee Tours, Scuba Diving, Swimming, and...

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  • Richie Kohler

    Richie Kohler

    Richie asked us to bring his web experience into the 20th century from his last website. We thought we...

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  • A Styling Service

    A Styling Service

    A One Page website with an advanced scheduling service plugin.  Features custom designed elements, and multi-parallax images on the homepage....

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  • Shearwater Dive Computers

    Shearwater Dive Computers

    Just about every Duck Diver Marketing team member uses a Shearwater dive computer. So, when they expressed their need...

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  • Moray Dive Gear

    Moray Dive Gear

    For Moray Dive gear, we updated the look and added eCommerce. We also reorganized the homepage and added some movement....

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  • South Florida Diving Headquarters

    South Florida Diving Headquarters

    South Florida Diving Headquarters' website not only needed a face-lift, it needed a user-friendly platform. ...

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  • Wet Temptations Dive Charters

    Wet Temptations Dive Charters

    Wet Temptations, a Jupiter, FL based dive operator, needed a website to feature their boat and the local diving. ...

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  • Asinta


    Here is a nice, simple event website complete with an easy event registration....

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  • U-869


    We were approached by Richie Kohler about giving the Men of the U-869 website a facelift. If you have ever...

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  • Tree Tech

    Tree Tech

    Tree Tech San Diego needed a website that was clean and professional, and that is exactly what we gave them....

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  • Lighthouse Scenic Tours

    Lighthouse Scenic Tours

    This website provides visitors with tour information, along with a bit of history about the lighthouse....

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  • Narked Scuba

    Narked Scuba

    Narked Scuba needed to provide course information, ensure it is easy for customers to find and contact him, as well...

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  • Emerald Charters

    Emerald Charters

    A simple dive charter website that centered around a blogging and videos....

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  • High Altitude

    High Altitude

    High Altitude didn't need, or want, anything flashy. Just something for people to land on, and pick up a bit...

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  • Scuba Works

    Scuba Works

    A mutual friend connected us with Scuba Works because they were in need of a new website....

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  • Ultimate Dive & Travel

    Ultimate Dive & Travel

    Ultimate Dive & Travel was looking for something that was well organized, and with a lot of white space. ...

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  • Go Dive Florida

    Go Dive Florida

    We made sure this site reflected the qualities of technical diving... No major frills; just function....

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  • Olympus Dive Center

    Olympus Dive Center

    If you have ever walked into ODC, then you'll agree that their website is a nice reflection of who they...

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  • SUDS Diving

    SUDS Diving

    One way we could help SUDS was upgrading their hard to use, out-of-date website to something easier to maintain....

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  • Rebreathers USA

    Rebreathers USA

    At the moment, this site focuses just on the JJ-CCR, but soon they will be expanding. Stay tuned!...

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  • John Chatterton

    John Chatterton

    When John asked us to create his website, he was very specific in what he wanted; simple and functional. Not...

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  • Blue Iguana Charters

    Blue Iguana Charters

    With the Blue Iguana Charters website, we focused on keeping things clean, simple and easy to navigate. ...

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  • Annie Crawley

    Annie Crawley

    Annie Crawley’s website was kept fresh and clean looking. It features an eCommerce shop, as well as speaking information, bio,...

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  • Gates Underwater Products

    Gates Underwater Products

    Gates wanted a fresh new site but lacked the budget this year to implement it. So Duck Diver Marketing worked...

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  • Flyboard South Florida

    Flyboard South Florida

    Since the activity itself is full of motion, we wanted the website to reflect that. As you scroll down the...

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  • Innerspace System Corp

    Innerspace System Corp

    Since Rebreathers are, by nature, very technical, there was a lot of information that needed to be on the site....

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  • PADI.com


    While we can’t, and won’t, claim any credit for the appearance and functionality of their fresh new site, we are...

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  • Force-E


    Force-E wanted their site to reflect the fun of South Florida diving, as well as be a resource for vacationers...

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