WordPress 5.5 Breaks My Cherry Framework Website

Did you update your website built on the Cherry Framework and discover that the latest version WordPress 5.5 has caused your website to stop working?  I can share a few quick tips to restore the functionality of your site by yourself, or if you want to hire a professional for help, you can Contact us.

Cherry Framework Version 3 was a flexible framework built on Bootstrap 2.0.  While it's mostly outdated now, there are still plenty of websites that were built upon this framework.  We used it ourselves as a development platform, and modified it for use with Bootstrap 3.x as well.  Flash forward to 2020 when WordPress 5.5's release has removed the jQuery migrate function from the core.  For those who are using Cherry Framework, this can cause some immediate issues with homepage sliders, and the WP-Admin functions, as there are several depreciated functions in use on files like camera.js and jquery.custom.admin.js.

The simple fix for this is to install the jQuery Migrate Helper plugin. However, this isn't necessarily a long term solution, since it just puts a band-aid on the deeper issues.

If you know how to update your files directly through FTP, you can upload these files to your Cherry Framework folder which can be found in


The fixes are in this zip file. cherry-fixes

If you need help with something like this, we can fix your Cherry Framework installation, upgrade you to WordPress 5.5, and also update your theme's compatibility with PHP 7.4.  All of this can be done for only $40.  If you are interested in having us do this for you, please Contact Us.

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