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WordPress 5.5 Breaks My Cherry Framework Website

Did you update your website built on the Cherry Framework and discover that the latest version WordPress 5.5 has caused your website to stop working?  I can share a few quick tips to restore the functionality of your site by yourself, or if you want to hire a professional for help, you can Contact us. Cherry…
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Connecting Constant Contact and Contact Form 7

This tutorial shows how to use the Contact Form 7 to Constant Contact plugin.  The walk through contains instructions for using the form tag, hidden tags, and mapping the fields to Constant Contact. The most important part of the process is ensuring your fields are mapped to the appropriate fields in your Constant Contact account. …
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How to create a Constant Contact API Key

This article explains how to create an API Key, API Secret, and use the Redirect URI for the Constant Contact API V3. Step 1: Proceed to the Constant Contact V3 API Portal ( Step 2: Login using your regular Constant Contact credentials. Step 3: From the "My Applications" Tab, click "New Application" Step 4: Give…
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Easy Product Registration Forms for WooCommerce with Contact Form 7

Recently, we had two separate projects for clients that required users/purchasers to be able to register their products for warranty requirements. To my surprise, there wasn't an already built mechanism (plugin) for WordPress that had this functionality to take all of the products from WooCommerce, and make then a simple drop-down (Select) menu for adding…
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