Flyboard South Florida

Flyboarding is an exciting new water sport in which you strap jets onto your feet, and skyrocket into the air above the water. If you are water enthusiasts like us then, it sounds like fun. Flyboard South Florida is a hot new operator with years of experience in other South Florida water operations such as scuba diving & snorkeling charters and sightseeing tours.

Maybe it was working with the cool images, or maybe it was a promise we got from the owner that he would take us for a ride, but we had a good time creating this website.

Since the activity itself is full of motion, we wanted the website to reflect that. As you scroll down the homepage, you’ll see different sections move in from different directions. Information on the individual pages are well organized, and if necessary, the visitor is guided to the next section. We kept the background color palette neutral, and let the images make the pages pop.

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