Innerspace System Corp

Building the ISC website was a small challenge. Not because the design was too complicated, but because getting the owner, Leon Scamahorn, to hand over the info was proving to be rather difficult. While the new site was important to him, there was no doubt that he had other things to occupy this time.

The solution came from this brilliant wife, Shelly… Put him on a plane to Florida, and lock him in our office for three days. Her orders “Don’t send him home till he is done." Those three days resulted not only in killer content for the website, but great new friends.

Since Rebreathers are, by nature, very technical, there was a lot of information that needed to be on the site. Our goal for the Innerspace System Corp website was to provide all the necessary information in small, easily digestible bites. Check out either the Megalodon or Pathfinder product pages, and you’ll see the many features and options available for each.

Duck Diver Marketing continues to maintain this website, and it is ever evolving. Just recently, we added in a more responsive framework which allows it to be viewed on any type of computer or mobile device. There are more new features coming soon!

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