Scuba Marketing Ducks Go to DEMA

The people of Duck Diver Marketing have been in the dive industry for many years, but Duck Diver itself has only been around for two. When we started the company, we knew there was a need for affordable scuba marketing services, but we never imagined we would grow so quickly.

...we knew there was a need for affordable scuba marketing services, but we never imagined we would grow so quickly.

One of thedema-member reoccurring problems our clients experienced with their old marketing companies was they just didn’t understand their business. For example, a large company hired to handle someone’s AdWords may not understand that just targeting the word “scuba” is a costly mistake. There is too much competition for that word, and their client will not get the results in which they hoped.

Scuba Marketing Specialists

google-adwords-certified-partner-logo1I suppose we should not be too amazed by how quickly people are willing to ditch their high-priced web marketing company for us. Admittedly, all of our AdWords clients see immediate positive results when we take over. And our clients feel more comfortable knowing their new website is in the hands of those that understand their business. We actually are scuba marketing specialists.

Up to now, most of our business has come from word-of-mouth, and well… web advertising. It has worked well for us. So why did we decide to invest a good deal of money into exhibiting at the DEMA Show? At risk of sounding hypocritical…advertising isn’t everything. All of the long-lasting client relationships we have is because we took the time to talk truly and understand. Instead of being just a client number, we made them real people who work hard…and we want to help them.

free koozie at dema showSo in a couple days we are packing up our booth, computers, materials, and baby, and heading to Las Vegas to exhibit at our first DEMA Show ever. If you are there and feel like your business’ marketing efforts are going nowhere, stop by and let’s talk. We may be able to help identify the problem, and help you fix it. At the very least…come by and pick up a free koozie. Yes, we have free swag…we are marketers after all.

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